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Enterprise Rent-A-Car
7525 Fallbrook Ave
West Hills, 91307
Phone: (818) 703-6352

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Enterprise is an extended family of 57,000; a world-class company with
homegrown roots. Through tremendous leadership and the entrepreneurial spirit of our employees, we've built the largest rental car company in North America ? customer by customer, car by car from the ground up. But our goal has never been to be the biggest; we simply work hard to be the best.

Enterprise is a big company that has the approach and
feel of a small business. How have we successfully driven revenue and income growth every year throughout our history? And more important, how do we do it while becoming synonymous with exceptional customer service? The answer lies in the powerful dynamics of our culture and the people who bring that culture to life.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car Customer Service: Guiding Our Growth for Nearly 50 Years
Although Enterprise was founded as a leasing company, over the years we've created additional services to meet our customers' growing needs. Our company has expanded its services beyond Enterprise car rental and vehicle leasing to include:

Fleet Management Services
Used Car Sales
California Vanpool Services

In fact, it was our customers who originally led us into the neighborhood rental car business; they needed replacement vehicles while their leased vehicles were being repaired. In recent decades we've added airport locations at the urging of customers and employees who became accustomed to our brand and Enterprise Rent-A-Car customer service while away from home.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car Customer Service paved the way for new growth
We've also expanded our operations beyond Enterprise car rental to include fleet management and used car sales. Our adaptability and our insistence that we put our customers' needs first, the foundation of Enterprise Rent-A-Car customer service, have enabled us to lead the market in an increasing number of areas. Though we've been around for nearly 50 years, we're confident that this is just the beginning.

In less than 50 years, Enterprise has rocketed from the
basement of a single car dealership to the top of our industry. We believe that we owe our enduring success to the strong values set forth by our founder, Jack Taylor, and his original team: treating employees and customers like family and never compromising our commitment to superior customer service.

Today those values are translated into action by each and every employee through a vehicle that we call our Cultural Compass. Using the Compass, our employees work to engage the neighborhoods in which we operate, improve diversity through our ranks, and contribute hours and dollars to the causes that matter the most.

After all, we are not entitled to our success. We have to earn it, each and every day.



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